SVP Sends Letter to Paleontological Community on Myanmar Amber

Based on SVP’s Ad Hoc Myanmar Working Group’s recommendations, SVP sent a LETTER to over 60 paleontological organizations that highlights the ongoing issue in Myanmar and its wider impact, including scientific research, with the following three main points:
  1. The situation in Myanmar has deteriorated significantly, following the 1 February 2021 military coup.
  2. Due to the coup, SVP suggests a hard moratorium on the publication of all fossil specimens in amber obtained from sources in Myanmar after January 2021.
  3. SVP is reviewing its previous moratorium on publication of amber specimens acquired after June 2017 and is in the process of updating guidelines.

SVP hopes that the entire paleontological community will work collaboratively to take any and all actions that might mitigate the violence and human rights abuses in Myanmar. Additional information and resources are available here (see ‘MYANMAR AMBER RESOURCES’).

Besides the SVP Myanmar Working Group, the Executive Committee thanks the SVP’s Business Office as well as the following SVP committees for their assistance on this matter: Communications, Publications, and Government Affairs committees.