Steven Cohen Award for Student Research

Theropod trackway, Red Gulch Dinosaur Tracksite, Wyoming, photo credit: Thomas Holtz

Steven Cohen Award for Student Research

The Steven Cohen Award for Student Research is to foster excellent student research in the study of vertebrate paleontology by making funds available to an exemplary student or students. The funds awarded may be used by students in support of field research, museum research, laboratory research or other academic research activities.  Particular consideration is given to proposals for research that is innovative, unpredictable, and unusual; research that has direct application to understanding and interpreting the vertebrate fossil record.


  • Applicants must be current Society members.
  • The competition is open to all current SVP graduate student members
  • Immediate past Cohen Award winners are not eligible to apply.

The successful applicant will be chosen on the basis of scholarly contribution of the proposed research.


  • A cash award (USD).
  • A plaque


Applications are submitted via the online award submission system. The following are required as supporting documentation for the application:

  1. Title and description of the proposed research, no longer than three double-spaced pages (including references). The description is to include goals, objectives, methods, a major category budget, and estimated timetable of the research.
  2. A recent photo of the applicant.
  3. Written statement (500 character limit) of how this award would contribute to the success of the proposed research.
  4. Two recommendation letters directly addressing the exemplary academic quality of the student and that of the proposed research. At least one of these letters must be from a sponsor at the institution where the student is currently enrolled as a graduate student, and must verify the applicant’s graduate student status.

Applications for the 2024 Steven Cohen Award are now closed.


Louis Taylor and Louis Jacobs, Co-Chairs, Cohen Prize Panel