Romer-Simpson Medal

Theropod trackway, Red Gulch Dinosaur Tracksite, Wyoming, photo credit: Thomas Holtz

Romer-Simpson Medal

© Michael Skrepnick

The A.S. Romer – G.G. Simpson medal, the society’s highest award, is awarded for sustained and outstanding scholarly excellence in the discipline of Vertebrate Paleontology.


  • Nominees do NOT need to be members of SVP. 


Submit nominations via the online award submission system.  Nominations are confidential and candidates should not be informed of the submission. Please include the following in your nomination documentation:  

  • A formal letter of nomination 
  • At least two (2) seconding letters of support. Each letter must bear the contact information of the person providing the letter (name, institution, phone and e-mail address). Nominating and supporting letters should explain how the individual fits the criteria for the award, emphasizing the nominee’s contributions to Vertebrate Paleontology over the span of his/her career. 
  • Curriculum vitae of the nominee. 
  • Nominees may include vertebrate paleontologists who have made outstanding and sustained contributions to the field from mid to senior career levels. 

Nominations for the 2024 Romer-Simpson Medal are now closed.


John Long, Chair, Romer-Simpson Panel

Learn more about Dr. Simpson and Dr. Romer