Honorary Membership Award

Theropod trackway, Red Gulch Dinosaur Tracksite, Wyoming, photo credit: Thomas Holtz

Honorary Membership Award

© Michael Skrepnick

In recognition of distinguished contributions to the discipline of Vertebrate Paleontology. Up to two honorees are named per year. 


Nominees do not have to be a member of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, but should have a record of outstanding contribution to the field of vertebrate paleontology as a researcher, curator, field worker, preparator, etc.  You will be asked to complete a form providing name, email, etc., but will not be prompted to pay for membership. 


Please utilize the SVP online award application to apply. Any materials sent by e-mail, fax or mail will NOT be reviewed. Once you click “submit” the award application is complete so be sure to double check that all fields and uploads are exactly as you wish BEFORE clicking “submit”. Be sure to name all uploaded documents with your name and a description of the attachment (ie John Smith Photo). Have the following items ready when you submit your application: 

  • A letter of nomination 
  • Three (3) additional letters of support. All letters of support should be compiled into one electronic file. Each letter of support must bear the contact information of the person providing the letter (name, institution, phone and e-mail address). 
  • Curriculum Vitae of candidate 
  • Candidate photo will enhance the application, but is not required to apply. (Note that nominators must provide a digital photo of the candidate immediately upon notification that their nominee has won if they have not done so already.) 

Nominations for the 2024 Honorary Membership Award are now closed.


Eric Dewar, Ph.D., Chair, Honorary Membership Panel