Getting to Niagara Falls

Alligatoroid skull,  Naturkundemuseum Karlsruhe, photo credit: C. A. Brochu

Getting to Niagara Falls

There are several methods for getting to Niagara Falls from Toronto

GO Train/Bus: this makes use of the local commuter trains and buses, leaving from Union Station (which is walking distance from the Conference Hotel). You cannot reserve a seat, but the trains and buses are quite large so usually it’s not a problem. At this time of year, you will probably take a train to the Burlington GO station then get on a GO bus. The fare is $21.15 each way (so $42.30 return) and it takes about 2-3 hours each way. You can plan your trip here:

Via Rail: this is the more conventional train service, where you can book a seat in advance; also leaves from Union Station. The prices vary depending on whether you want your ticket to be refundable etc., but the low end is $54.24 return. The trip takes about 2 hours. You can plan your trip here:

Megabus: The departure in Toronto is from the Union Station Bus Terminal at NE corner of Bay St and Lakeshore Blvd, 2nd Floor (walking distance from the conference hotel). Price is ~$20-$25 each way and it takes about 2 hours (depending on traffic). You can plan your trip here:

Flixbus: Departure is from York Street between Harbour St and Queens Quay, west side, M5J 2Y2 Toronto, ON (about 6 minute walk from the conference hotel); arrival is in the middle of town in Niagara Falls (1.6 km from the Table Rock welcome centre). Price from ~$20 each way (more expensive if you book with less notice). They claim it takes 1 hour 50 minutes (probably depends on traffic). You can plan your trip here:

From the bus terminal (Megabus) or Rail station you will need to either take an Uber, taxi (maybe $15) to the actual Falls, or use public transportation (route 104, $3 each way, OR WEGO, If you are using your phone to find directions the Table Rock Welcome Centre ( is a good thing to shoot for to see the falls.

Please note that there are quite limited numbers of buses and trains running to and from Toronto, so be sure to plan your whole round trip in advance. Don’t just assume that there will be a bus or train available at the time you’re hoping to leave!

You can also opt to do it as a guided sightseeing tour e.g., here is one option that is $84/adult: that leaves from Ripley’s Aquarium, which is a 15 minute walk from the conference hotel

This information provided as a service to help SVP members plan, but has not been live-tested. Use at your own risk!