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2013 PaleoFest presented by Burpee Museum


Join us for a first of its kind symposium at this year's PaleoFest. In comemoration of Burpee Museum's 15th Annual PaleoFest, we will be hosting a Late Cretaceous symposium titled "The End of the Dinosaurs: Changes in the Late Cretaceous Biosphere" in partnership with the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. The symposium will feature approximately 30 lectures from an international, and world-renowned field of speakers. We are also very excited to welcome back Dr. Scott Sampson, also known as Dr. Scott the Paleontologist, from PBS's popular children's program "Dinosaur Train!" Dr. Scott will be giving TWO Children's Lectures and a Children's Workshop during PaleoFest weekend. Additional information can be found at the PaleoFest website: http://www.burpee.org/PaleoFest2013_003.asp or by calling the Burpee Museum at 815.965.3433


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