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Eleonora Vangengeim has passed away


Eleonora Vangengeim (1930-2012) was daughter to Alexey Vangengeim, founder of the united Soviet hydro-meteorological system in the ‘30s of the last century. Her father was killed during Stalin's repressions of the late 1930s.

After graduating from Moscow University in 1952 Eleonora Vangengeim was a pupil of the founder of Russian/Soviet mammalian biochronology, Professor Valerian Gromov. In that period she worked hard in the field in Siberia, discovered and sampled many new mammalian localities, and processed a huge volume of mammal material from the large scale stratigraphic survey of those years.

She also created a system of biochronological units for the Quaternary and late Neogene of Siberia (Vangengeim, 1961, 1977) correlated to European and Asian biochronologies.

In the 1970s she took on direction of the mammalian biostratigraphy group of the Geological Institute in Moscow and actually became a coordinator for Plio-Pleistocene mammalian biostratigraphy across the whole of the Soviet Union. In the formal existing rank system, she was not technically a professor (usually a University teaching degree in Russia) but had a comparable degree of Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences (which requires the defense of the second thesis after the Candidacy of Science = PhD).

Since the late 1970s Eleonora became interested in Late Neogene biostratigraphy and, together with the energetic paleomagnetostratigrapher Michail Pevzner, made a series of original field investigations and analytical works on Vallesian, Turolian and Ruscinian age mammal faunas of the Eastern Paratethys region in Eastern Europe and western Asia. Her work stands as a foundation for current field studies.


Key publications include:

Vangengeim E.A. 1977. Paleontological Foundation of the Anthropogene Stratigraphy of the north of Eastern Siberia. Transactions (Trudy) of the Geological Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences, 48, Moscow: USSR Academy of Sciences. 182 p.

Vangengeim E.A. 1977. Paleontological Foundation of the Anthropogene Stratigraphy of Northern Asia (on Mammals). Moscow: Nauka. 171 p.


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