2021 SVP Election Slate

Caenagnathid theropod metatarsals, photo credit: Thomas Holtz

2021 SVP Election Slate

The SVP elections for 2021 will be held by electronic ballot starting Wednesday, February 24th and ending Monday, April 12th.

Members with email addresses will receive an email invitation and a unique link to vote on February 24th.

If you have not received a ballot by email but wish to vote electronically, please contact membership@vertpaleo.org to request a ballot.


The SVP Nominating Committee is pleased to present the following slate of candidates:

For the Office of Secretary (Three-Year Term, Beginning November 2021)

Samantha Hopkins – click HERE to read this candidate’s bio
Ken Angielczyk – click HERE to read this candidate’s bio

For  the Office of Member-At-Large (Three-Year Term, Beginning November 2021)

Karen Chin – click HERE to read this candidate’s bio
Yuri Kimura – click HERE to read this candidate’s bio


If you have questions regarding the 2021 SVP Elections, please email Lee Lowery.