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About the Society Governance Documents

As one of the leading paleontological societies, it is important that the SVP participate in discussions and issues affecting vertebrate paleontology, our profession, and the public. These may include, but are not limited to, protection of fossils on public lands, the role of vertebrate paleontology and evolution in education, ethics, joint agreements with other professional societies or governmental agencies, and other significant issues. The SVP will release periodic statements on this site, which reflect current or new policies, or the society's position on key issues.

Constitution, Bylaws, and Handbook

Official Society Policy and Guidelines


Official Society Statements

We have revised our letter to Discovery and Half Yard Productions on their upcoming Dino Hunters series dated on June 9, 2020. Although we stand by our statements the letter has been revised to reflect the fact that the promotional material SVP received was incorrect and misleading about Mr. Nate Murphy's role in the production. Mr Murphy is not featured in the series and SVP apologizes to Mr. Murphy.

Issues in Vertebrate Paleontology