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About the Society Awards Past Award Winners 2019 Awardees 2019 (Colbert Prize) Miranta Kouvari

I'm Greek, I did my undergraduate in geology in Athens, Greece, and understood that vertebrate paleontology is the thing I wanted to do. I did my undergraduate project on the biogeography of extinctions of insular mammals worldwide during the late Pleistocene and Holocene (with Alexandra van der Geer and George Lyras).

I then moved to France to do my Masters on Evolution and Paleobiology at the Natural History Museum of Paris. The poster is the Masters project I did in the last 5 months of my Master (basically we found that the human impact on wildlife was visible even in a short period in time and before the time where humans started to seriously mess with the environment). My supervisors where Raphaël Cornette and Anthony Herrel.

Finally, I moved to London last year to do my PhD at UCL (University College London) and the Natural History Museum. I'm a year into my PhD and there are 3 more years to go. I work on the macroevolutionary patterns of eutherian mammals worldwide during the Neogene, and the effect of climatic change on them (supervisors: Phil Mannion and Anjali Goswami).

This was my first SVP! I've also been doing the #CutestMammalOfTheWeek contest on twitter for a year now. Every Monday I post two cute mammals, and people vote their favourite; then, sometimes, I draw the winners - Twitter : @MirantaKouvari, She/her