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About the Society Awards Past Award Winners 2019 Awardees 2019 (Honorary Membership Award) - Dr. Christine Janis

I once heard a radio challenge to summarize one’s life in six words: mine was “Outgrew neither dinosaur nor horse phase”, which describes my life-long involvement with both palaeontology and equids (sometimes combined together in my research!) I’ve also spent my life bopping back and forwards between the UK and the US: undergraduate at Cambridge (UK), graduate student at Harvard, back to Cambridge for a post-doc, and then over the pond again to Brown University, where I spent over 30 years. Brown was a good place for me to end up, as the university (at least then) valued teaching as much as research: I got to develop a course in comparative anatomy (which manifested itself in my contributions to six editions of the textbook “Vertebrate Life”) and was able to potter around doing research, plus editing the “Tertiary Mammals of North America” books, without worrying about the being the person who put the “fun” in “unfundable”. During much of this time my life was significantly enhanced by both professional and personal support from Jack Sepkoski.  Finally, I supposedly “retired” to the University of Bristol five years ago, and am enjoying being able to continue to do research and teaching in palaeobiology.