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About the Society Past Award Winners 2019 Awardees 2019 (Jon C. Graff International Paleontology Award) Nadia Rasolofomanana  

My name is Nadia Rasolofomanana. I have studied at the University of Antananarivo since 2010 and have been at the Paleontology Department since 2013. My first fieldwork was in the Late Cretaceous site of Berivotra, northwestern Madagascar in 2015 with the Mahajanga Basin Project led by Dr. Joe Sertich and Dr. Patrick O’Connor. In the same year I met Dr. Karen Samonds who conducts Cenozoic paleontology exploration in Madagascar. On her team I have gained experience at many different types of fossil sites, including the island of Nosy Makamby (Miocene) and Tsaramody, a subfossil site recently discovered on the Central Highlands. This site is very interesting because it is the highest altitude subfossil site in Madagascar, preserves a wetland community, and has also produced some of the oldest fossils. For these reasons, I focused on this site for my master’s thesis, which I defended in 2016. I have decided to continue my PhD project on the Tsaramody site, because there are many questions to answer about the paleoenvironment, taphonomy and faunal community.

I am very honored and happy to be at the SVP conference, and to share with you about my research.