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About the Society Awards Past Award Winners 2017 Awardees 2017 (Lanzendorf PaleoArt Prize) 2-Dimensional Art - Sergey Krasovskiy

I am an artist from Ukraine. Born July 28, 1975. Drawing on paleontological themes fond from childhood.

Now I'm a freelancer, working with publishers in Europe and Russia. Took part in various competitions paleo-illustration (III, IV, V INTERNATIONAL CONTEST OF SCIENTIFIC ILLUSTRATIONS OF DINOSAURS;  International Europasaurus Artwork Contest, 2011;  International Dinosaur Illustration Contest (CIID) ). So as my illustrations are presented in magazines National Geographic Russia and Germany.

Now, in the Internet era, paleoillustrations became my profession.  As a freelancer I perform orders for various publishers (always open to new proposals).

As I already mentioned, paleoart first of all is a hobby for me. I feel joy when I draw.  And only then it means of income.   I do not have the special attachment to a particular kind of dinosaur. Maybe I can distinguish the whole group Theropoda. Probably many boys love predators, as I did in my childhood and this infatuation stayed with me since those days.

Most often, I have to draw dinosaurs, it is most in demand, even though I have work on the Permian reptiles, sometimes on Cenozoic mammals.

I think the standard of creativity is works of Zdenek Burian, John Sibbick, Raul Martin. Probably I developed my own style due to their works. In my pics I try to accumulate different styles and directions. I carefully read the comments of viewers. I hope that I have thoughtful attitude to criticism, which helps me to make the write conclusions. In general I try to give the audience what it wants. We can say that the consumer makes my style.