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About the Society Awards Past Award Winners 2015 Awardees 2015 (Lanzendorf Scientific Illustration Award) Rodolfo Nogueira Soares Ribeiro

Rodolfo Nogueira is a brazilian paleoartist undergraduated in Graphic Design. He developed a scientific methodology called "Paleodesign" to reconstruct extinct animals using design concepts and techniques applied to paleontology and archeology. It has illustrations and sculptures in museums from Brazil, Argentina, Spain, United States, Portugal and Germany. With over 16 years of experience in artistic illustration and 9 in scientific illustration, has taught several courses and lectures on drawing, scientific illustration and paleoart throughout Brazil. He has participated in exhibitions in Brazil, Argentina, Portugal and Spain. He is the author of illustrations printed oh the postal stamps of the series " Brazilian Prehistoric Animals ". He is the Illustrator of the toy line "Dinosaurs of Brazil". Has illustrations published in journals like PLoS One, Cretaceous Research, Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, etc. and magazines and popular science journals as National Geographic, Scientific American, etc. and also illustrations in textbooks. Rodolfo Nogueira received seven international awards in extinct animals illustration contests. He has participated as a judge in various paleoart contests including the "1st Rodolfo Nogueira Paleoart Prize " in Brazil. He is currently in charge of the studio specialized in scientific illustration "Prehistoric Factory".