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About the Society Awards Past Award Winners 2014 Awardees 2014 (Lanzendorf PaleoArt Prize) 3-Dimensional Art/Sculpture - A. and A. Kennis

At school we both were good at drawing. We never read; we only looked at the pictures in the books.
Human evolution was what interested us. We made clay models of drawings or we copied drawings of fossils and skulls; we still do.

We're identical twins and always sat opposite of each other to draw, which means you've always got your main competitor breathing down your neck, but the advantage is that you keep each other on your toes.

No one spots any stylistic difference in our work because the mix of our two styles forms one complex whole. We only create animals and humans that really existed, and they have to be scientifically accurate.

Born 1966 Veghel, The Netherlands

1998 The Netherlands Museum Naturalis, Leiden Illustrations and paintings exhibition  “Extinct!”
1998 The Netherlands Published by Leopold Illustrations book for children  “De Oervogel” Arno van Berge Henegouwen & Ruud Hisgen
Nominated by a childrens jury for  “Vlag en Wimpel 1999”
2000 The Netherlands Published by Leopold Illustrations book for children  “De Oermens” Arno van Berge Henegouwen & Ruud Hisgen
2003 U.S.A. National Geographic Magazine Illustrations “Rise of the mammals” published April 2003
2004 The Netherlands Museum Museon, Den Haag Reconstruction Neanderthalerwoman, Gibraltarskull
2006 Spain Juan Luis Arsuaga, Carlos Bloss Illustrations and paintings travelling exhibition  “The mystery of Atapuerca.”
2006 Spain Published by Edaf Illustrations book for children  “ Atapuerca,La Saga Humana” Juan Luis Arsuaga
2006 Germany Neanderthalmuseum Mettman Reconstruction Neanderthaler Feldhover
2006 U.S.A. National Geographic Magazine Reconstruction Dikika baby published on cover  November 2006
2007 Italy Trento Science museum Reconstructions  Neanderthaler en Homo Sapiens
2009 U.S.A. National Geographic Magazine Reconstruction Neanderthaler “Wilma” published on cover  October 2009
2009 Germany Senckenbergmuseum Frankfurt Reconstruction  Heads of our ancestors  for exhibition “Safari zum Urmenschen”
2009 The Netherlands Faculty Archaeology, University Leiden Illustration Neanderthaler Krijn
2009 The Netherlands Documentary VPRO “Beagle,in het kielzog van Darwin” Extinct species in the new world 29-11-2009
2010 U.S.A. National Geographic Magazine Illustrations “Extinct Giants” Australia published  October 2010
2011 Italy South Tyrol museum of archaeology Bolzano Reconstruction “Ötzi the Iceman”
2011 England Published by Dorling Kindersley Reconstructions Heads of our ancestors  book “Evolution, The Human Story” Alice Roberts
2012 Belgium Museum Espace de l’Homme de Spy Onoz Reconstruction Neanderthaler “Spyrou”
2012 Germany Neanderthalmuseum Mettmann Reconstructions Neanderthaler Feldhoven 4%
2014 England Natural History Museum London Reconstructions Neanderthaler van  Spy and Homo Sapiens Predmosti