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About the Society Awards Past Award Winners 2013 Awardees 2013 (Lanzendorf PaleoArt Prize) 2-Dimensional Art - Davide Bonadonna
Winner of the Lanzendorf 2-Dimensional Art Award for Howe Quarry


For more than 15 years Davide Bonadonna has been working as a medical and scientific illustrator in publishing, connecting scientific language to visual communication. After meeting paleontologist Simone Maganuco in 2007, his dream come true and he became a full-time paleo-illustrator. Besides his main skills in illustration, Bonadonna specializes in digital paleo-sculpting and 3D modelling.

His illustrating tecnique is a mix of traditional temperas and watercolour painting, followed by digital work but he works as well with pencil on black and white projects.

In collaboration with Maganuco and designer Andrea Pirondini, he works on different projects with museums and theme parks all around Italy. He collaborates with the travelling exposition Dinosaurs in the Flesh of Geomodel studio, the main Italian company specialized in life-size prehistoric models.

He collaborated with paleontologist Andrea Cau and geologist Federico Fanti of Capellini museum on life restoring of Neptunidraco ammoniticus, the oldest metriorynchid crocodile ever found.
His models and illustrations are on display in the Prehistoric Park in Rivolta d'Adda and Natura Viva Park in Verona, in Capellini Museum (Bologna), Cortesi Museum in Castell'Arquato (Piacenza), Sauriermuseum Aathal (Zurich) and MUSE (Trento).

Davide posts new paleontological illustrations on his professional Facebook page (
His website ( features different publishing projects and illustrative styles.