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About the Society Awards Past Award Winners 2012 Awardees 2012 Institutional Membership: A Program for Institutions of Developing Nations Award Winner

Instituto Superior Politecnico Da Tundavala, Lubango, Angola and Universidade Agostinho Neto, Luanda, Angola

The Instituto Superior Politécnico TUNDAVALA is a product of the expansion of the Universidade Privada de Angola (UPRA) – Campus do Lubango, which in turn started at the Instituto Superior Privado de Angola (ISPRA). ISPRA in Lubango was opened on May 3rd, 2005 with two (2) Teaching Departments: Department of Health and Department of Agriculture Science and the Environment. The Department of Health started with the courses in Psychology, Physiotherapy and Nursing.


The Department of Agriculture Science and the Environment started with the courses in Environmental Engineering and Agronomy. Thereafter, courses in Management and Accounting, Media and Civil Engineering were introduced. In 2007, ISPRA became Universidade Privada de Angola, and as a consequence ISPRA Lubango was altered to UPRA Lubango. For the University facilities, a land of 64 Hectares was acquired in the Tchitoco (Humpata) area, approximately 5 Km from Lubango, with a project to implement the University facilities, a sports area, an experimental farm, an area for the creation and recovery of local fauna, an area of native flora and an area to provide services to the community in accordance with the areas to develop.

The Campus is located in a prime area due to its natural beauty and proximity to the city. The land is surrounded by three (3) valleys of mountains of stone, unified by natural openings, where the mountains of stones belong to the institution. The aim of such location is so that the Campus do Instituto Superior Politécnico Tundavala fulfills in the future the international requirements to be certified as an eco-park, in addition to being a higher education institute. At protocol level, the UPRA Campus do Lubango collaborates with local, national and international entities. These protocols will be, of course, transferred to ISP Tundavala. At local level it has arrangements with Instituto Médio Agrário do Tchivinguiro, with Fábrica de Água Chela, with Faculdade de Economia, with Direcção Provincial da Saúde and with Direcção Provincial da Agricultura.

At national level, its arrangements are with Instituto de Investigação Veterinária de Angola. At international level, UPRA Campus do Lubango has arrangements with Escola Superior Agrária de Coimbra (ESAC), with SOFTIMBRA (Agro-informatics consultants), with Cultivar (Associação de Técnicos de Agricultura Tropical), with Museu da Lourinhã, with Universidade de Coimbra, with Universiddade de Tràs-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Universidade de Aveiro and Escola Superior de Enfermagem de Lisboa, amongst others. The Instituto Superior Politécnico da Tundavala (ISP Tundavala) developmental plan, is based upon a six (6) years’ experience in higher education lecturing with a strong integration in the regional community, which in turn guarantees the project’s fastness and sustainability.