About the Society Awards Past Award Winners 2011 (Lanzendorf PaleoArt Prize) Jason E. Brougham

Two-Dimensional Art – Jason E. Brougham


Jason Brougham has been an Exhibit Preparator at the American Museum of Natural History since 1998. He is an anatomical sculptor and illustrator who researches maniraptoran dinosaurs with a special concentration on the origin and evolution of birds.

He studied comparative morphology under Dr. Carl Gans at the University of Michigan and earned an MFA at Indiana University. He has collaborated with and learned from prominent paleontologists and paleoartists including Mark Norell, John Flynn, Xu Xing, Julia Clarke, Stephen Gatesy, Farish Jenkins, Dan Ksepka, Alan Turner, Jonah Choiniere, Sterling Nesbitt, Lowell Dingus, Jacques Gauthier, Dan Brinkman, Hall Train, Mick Ellison, and Carl Mehling.

His work has appeared in numerous museum exhibitions, Natural History and Discover magazines, the New York Times, and on the television programs "NOVA" and "National Geographic Explorer." He illustrated the book "Inside Dinosaurs "(Inside Series) for the AMNH and Sterling Publishing.

Jason Brougham blogs and posts illustrations at www.jasonbrougham.com.

Photo: Jason Brougham at Laguna Manialtepec bird refuge, Oaxaca, Mexico.
Image: “Mononykus olecranus, Nemegt Formation Mongolia”
Photo and image courtesy of Jason Brougham.

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