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About the Society Awards Past Award Winners 2010 Awardees 2010 (Gregory Award) Ted J. Vlamis
Ted J. Vlamis

Ted J. Vlamis received his BA in Political Science from Grinnell College in 1981. In addition to studying politics, he gained practical experience in politics by working on the Hill Staff of Senator Bob Dole and by serving as Iowa State Youth Coordinator for the 1980 Dole for President campaign.

Having had a lifelong interest in paleontology, he joined SVP in 1993. After meeting Louis Jacobs and becoming aware of the need to protect vertebrate fossils on federal lands, he combined his interest and experience in paleontology and politics. He became a Co-Chair of the Government Affairs Committee in 1995 and has been involved in SVP efforts to protect fossils on federal lands since that time. He was either Chairman or Co-Chairman of SVP Government Affairs Committee, or President of SAFE (a 501(c)4 formed by SVP, from 1995-2007.) He served as Affiliated Geological Societies Liaison since 1996. He was elected as SVP Treasurer in 2007 and continues to serve in that role.

The activities he has been involved with in pursuit of protecting vertebrate fossils have been diverse. He helped form and execute a strategy to ensure input from SVP, and SVP members, into the DOI Report "Fossils on Federal and Indian Lands." He helped draft model legislation for the protection of fossils on federal lands, and helped gather informal input on this model legislation from the relevant agencies.

He helped identify and recruit appropriate sponsors and co-sponsors for this legislation, and worked with them to finalize and introduce the PRPA. He helped develop and coordinate a plan for having SVP members encourage their elected representatives to support the PRPA, and lobbied and testified on behalf of it. These efforts culminated with the passage of the Paleontological Resources Preservation Act in 2009.

Vlamis is a Vice President of Pioneer Balloon Company, a leading manufacturer of toy balloons. His responsibilities are primarily in the management of its international activity. In this capacity he oversees subsidiaries in Canada, Mexico and Australia. Through these subsidiaries, and through sales to other distributors, Pioneer sells its balloons in more than 100 countries.

His other volunteer activities include the following:

  • Assistant Scoutmaster BSA Troop 522, 2003
  • Scoutmaster BSA Troop 522, 2003-2009
  • Troop Committee Chair, BSA Troop 522, 2009-present
  • Member BSA Quivira Council Executive Board, 2006-present
  • VP of Marketing BSA Quivira Council, 2007-present
  • Chairman BSA Quivira Council 100th Anniversary Committee, 2008-present
  • Board Member World Trade Council of Wichita since 1990
  • Advisory Board Member Kansas World Trade Center since 2000
  • Advisory Board Member Friends University Master of Leadership and Management Program
  • Guest lecturer to International Business classes at Wichita State University, Friends University and Newman University
  • Board Member, Wichita Jazz Festival, 2010-present

Photo courtesy of Ted J. Vlamis.