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About the Society Awards Past Award Winners 2010 Awardees 2010 (Best Student Article) Ragna Redelstorff; Julien Louys (Honorable Mention)
Ragna Redelstorff

I was born and raised in Hamburg in Northern Germany. During high school, biology was my main interest and what I learned about "ancient life" fascinated me. After finishing high school, I worked for a small Wildlife Preservation Project caring for cheetahs in Namibia, where my enthusiasm for traveling and international work developed. I started studying Geology/Paleontology at the University of Kiel, Germany, which has a wealth of expertise in marine invertebrate and micropaleontology, but soon noticed that my interests were focused towards vertebrate palaeontology. I then changed to the Institute of Palaeontology at the University of Bonn, Germany, where I had a chance to work with Prof. Dr. Martin Sander and shared his enthusiasm not only for dinosaurs but also for bone histology. This is a great method as it provides insight into the life of an individual animal and helps to uncover secrets about the biology of a specimen that died more than 65 million years ago. I also worked in the department's small museum as a student helper and enjoyed both creating small exhibitions and explaining palaeontology to school kids. After finishing my Masters thesis on the long bone histology of Stegosaurus, I wanted to learn more techniques that would be useful in palaeontology and therefore started my PhD on the taphonomy and soft-tissue preservation of Permo-Carboniferous amphibians in terrestrial continental basins. I am currently in my fourth year of my PhD and, because my fascination for bone histology never decreased, I am planning to do more work on bone histology and stegosaurs in the future.

Read Redelstorff's winning article, " Long and girdle bone histology of Stegosaurus: implications for growth and life history"

Photo courtesy of Ragna Redelstorff.