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About the Society Awards Past Award Winners 2008 Awardees 2008 (Lanzendorf PaleoArt Prize) 3-DIMENSIONAL ART — TYLER KEILLOR
â??Tiktaalilk rosea
Tyler Keillor
Top: “Tiktaalilk roseae life-reconstruction” by Tyler Keillor.
Bottom: Tyler Keillor.
Photos courtesy of Tyler Keillor.

yler Keillor is passionate about creating scientifically accurate and lifelike sculptures of dinosaurs and other ancient beasts. Working with fossils, Tyler also conducts research and comparative analysis with living analogs (birds, crocs and other reptiles) in order to better understand the appearance of their long extinct relatives.

Since 2001, Tyler has had the unique experience of preparing fossils on a daily basis at the University of Chicago's Fossil Laboratory, and then applying that intimate hands-on specimen knowledge to his paleontological reconstructions. In addition to working on Paul Sereno's many new discoveries, Tyler's skills have been applied to the juvenile tyrannosaur reconstructions at the Burpee Musuem in Rockford, Illinois, and the transitional fish/tetrapod Tiktaalik roseae's flesh-model. Other reconstructed species include Rajasaurus narmadensis, Rugops primus, Nigersaurus taqueti, Saharastega moradiensis, Herrerasaurus ischigualastensis and other soon-to-be-announced wonders from the past.

Tyler is grateful to John Lanzendorf for introducing him to so many inspiring paleoartists and paleontologists, as well as for encouraging him to join SVP; since becoming a member, Tyler has been proud to present talks or posters at the Society's annual meetings. Tyler also thanks his wife Kari for her support and paleo-patience.