About the Society Awards Past Award Winners 2008 (Lanzendorf PaleoArt Prize) Luis V. Rey

Two-Dimensional Art — Luis V. Rey

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Luis V. Rey
Above: “Alectrosaurus vs Gigantoraptor” by Luis V. Rey. Below: Luis V. Rey. Photos courtesy of Rey.

Luis V. Rey is a Spanish/Mexican artist resident in London (MA in Visual Arts from the San Carlos Academy in Mexico, UNAM). Painter, sculptor, journalist and author that evolved from personal art roots in surrealism, hyper-realism and general fantasy, comic and science fiction book cover illustration to currently devote most of his time to promote science in general and Paleontology in particular.

He is of the opinion that popularizing Paleontology is a must and that imaginative paleo-illustration opens the channels for an important level of mass-education regarding — above all — the teaching and understanding of evolution.

He did his first dinosaur book when he was twelve as a gift for his parents, and his love for Paleontology never went away. After becoming specially inspired by the dinosaur renaissance during the 1980's, time was ripe to finally approach dinosaurs not as dusty bones in a museum, but as what they were: once-living animals. Moreover a change of image was very much needed: dinosaurs were not just extinct or obsolete green-grey creatures but forerunners of their colorful living descendants, the birds. Many years later, as full time paleo-artist he has taken the colorful essence of dinosaurs very seriously. His main aim is to be provocative, break conventions and make dinosaurs look and feel dynamic as a different class within reptiles (while keeping to his paleontological and anatomical homework scrupulously).

Rey's paleo-art publishing breakthrough was a children's dinosaur book for Usborne Publishing in 1992 and a dinosaur comic for Marvel just before that. He continued to study and championed the "Birds Are Dinosaurs" cause with a vengeance (inspired by the likes of Greg Paul, Robert Bakker and Phil Currie). His first paleo-art book as author was "Extreme Dinosaurs." After becoming a member of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology thanks to the personal patronage of John Lanzendorf (several of his works are in his famous collection) he has continued through the years with many collaborations including four books for Random House from the "Pictureback" and "Step Into Reading" collections with his old hero Dr. Bob Bakker (all dedicated to young audiences), the rather imaginative "A Field Guide To Dinosaurs" with Henry Gee, and more recently Random House's "Dinosaurs: The Most Complete Up-to-Date Encyclopedia for all Ages" with Dr. Thom Holtz, which he considers his most important collaboration to date. His many other collaborations include works with / by Per Christiansen, Anusuya Chinsamy, Charlie and Flo Magovern, Darren Naish and David Martill.

He has recently put aside his old acrylics and inks on boards to develop new digital painting techniques, where he has found a completely new world to discover.

Rey's Web site, www.ndirect.co.uk/~luisrey, is (unwittingly) a famous landmark in the World Wide Web.


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