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What is Vertebrate Paleontology? SVP Ambassadors


The SVP Ambassador Program is a volunteer service that connects educators with vertebrate paleontologist members of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology in order to advance education and understanding of the history of life and Earth from the perspective of the vertebrate fossil record in schools and other public forums.


Ambassadors: SVP ambassadors are specialists in vertebrate paleontology who are willing to volunteer for school and public education presentations. The expertise of ambassadors spans all of vertebrate paleontology, and different ambassadors can speak on a wide range of topics, including evolution, extinction, climate change, and the specific histories of individual vertebrate groups such as dinosaurs, elephants, primates, sharks, and snakes. Individual specialties are listed in the contact information for each ambassador.



1. Are there educational materials available to Ambassadors for educational outreach?

Because the topical knowledge of ambassadors vary widely throughout the discipline of vertebrate paleontology, SVP does not provide standard educational materials at this time. Ambassadors should develop their own curricula in consultation with the desires and needs of the public, where appropriate.


2. Does participation with SVP ambassadors require financial compensation for their time and/or expenses?

No. The SVP Ambassador Program is a public service, and ambassadors are volunteers.


3. How can educators find and contact local SVP ambassadors?

This site includes information about SVP ambassadors listed by national and regional locations. Presentation specialties in vertebrate paleontology are listed by topic for each ambassador, as well as contact information including e-mail addresses and telephone numbers. Educators interested in inviting ambassadors for presentations should contact them directly.


4. How can educators and ambassadors provide evaluation of their experiences with the program?

This site includes a feedback page with separate sections for educators and ambassadors. All evaluation is appreciated.


Find an Ambassador!

Click here for Ambassadors by area of expertise

Click here for Ambassadors by geographical location


We Welcome Your Feedback!

Please provide feedback from your Ambassador experience!  Input from both the Ambassador and Educator/Host perspectives will help us further develop this new program.

Ambassador's Feedback (If you are an SVP Ambassador reporting on your recent visit to a school/event)

Educator/Host Feedback (If you are an Educator reporting on your request and resulting visit from an Ambassador)

Disclaimer: By providing the Ambassador contact list, the society is facilitating virtual connections to self identified Ambassador candidates from the society membership. Providing these connections does not constitute the endorsement by the society of these individuals as professional speakers, topical experts or general character considerations. While the society has pre-screened the Ambassadors, the society does not assume responsibility for the outcome, satisafaction or other relationships stemming from the intial Ambassador contact.