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Student Travel Award - 4th International Palaeontological Congress


Fourth International Palaeontological Congress
Mendoza, Argentina, 28 September – 3 October 2014
The STEPPE office, in collaboration with the Geological Society of America (GSA), the
Paleobotanical Section of the Botanical Society of America, the Paleontological Society (PS),
the Society for Sedimentary Geology (SEPM), and the Society for Vertebrate Paleontology
(SVP) are pleased to offer funding for undergraduate and graduate students to travel to
Mendoza, Argentina to attend the 4th International Palaeontological Congress (IPC4). A
committee comprised of representatives from the collaborating societies will read and evaluate
student applications. Applications will be evaluated based on the quality of written abstracts and
will be granted to those who have compelling reasons to attend.
Students must be current members of one of the five collaborating societies (SEPM, PS, SVP,
GSA or the Paleobotanical section of the BSA) and must be presenting research at the 4th IPC
to be eligible to apply.
To apply, students will need to submit the following:
1) Abstract of research to be presented at the meeting (including all co-authors and
affiliations). The abstract submitted for funding consideration should be the same
abstract as submitted to the 4th IPC.
2) A statement (no more than one page) that includes your current position (e.g., PhD
student), institutional affiliation, date of MS or PhD (received or anticipated), society
affiliation(s), a list of other sources of funding that are available, and a short explanation
of why (professional, financial need, fieldwork oriented, etc.) you should be chosen to
receive a travel award.
Post-Meeting Reporting:
Awardees will receive $2000 to be used towards their travel expenses. After the meeting,
awardees will submit a final report describing the professional benefits that they gained from
attending the meeting, and will contribute to a group article about the meeting and its value to
students. This article will be published in multiple venues offered by the partner societies
including the PS website and newsletter Priscum, GSA’s newsletter GSA Today, SEPM’s
Strata, SVP’s website, and the BSA’s Plant Sciences Bulletin.
Applications will need to be submitted in pdf format, to the STEPPE office (mail@steppe.org) by
May 15th, 2014. Students will be notified of the status of their awards by June 15th, 2014.


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