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Publications Committee

This Committee oversees the SVP print publications (The Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, the Memoir series and any special SVP publications). Activities include receiving, coordinating reviews and editing manuscripts and illustrations; and recommending opportunities, sales of publications and new media initiatives (i.e. CD-ROM products, etc.) relevant to the print publications. The Publications Committee reviews policies about submission to the journal, the number of papers to publish each year and fees related to publication, paper reprints and PDF reprints.

Patrick O’Connor - Co-Chair
Ohio University


Annalisa Berta
- Co-Chair
San Diego State University


Randall Irmis  - 2015 Memoirs Editor, Natural History Museum of Utah
Jeffrey Wilson - 2014 Memoirs Editor

Blaire Van Valkenburgh
- Editorial Board Representative
UCLA Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Jason Anderson - Managing Editor, University of Calgary