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Preparator's Committee

This committee coordinates activities relevant to preparation of fossils at the annual meeting and during the year through a listserv. These activities include a preparation symposium or session and staffing of a preparation demonstration table at the annual meeting and coordinating the information about preparation on this web page of the SVP website.

William Simpson - Co-Chair
Field Museum of Natural History

Steve Jabo
- Co-Chair
Smithsonian Institution


Kenneth Bader, University of Texas, Austin
Brent Breithaupt, The Bureau of Land Management
Amy Davidson, American Museum of Natural History
Kyle Davies, Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History
William Sanders, Univ of Michigan, Museum of Paleontology
Akiko Shinya, The Field Museum
Matthew  Smith, Petrified Forest National Monument
Constance Van Beek, Field Museum
Meredith Rivin, Fullerton
Vanessa Rhue