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Program Committee

The Program Committee is responsible for gathering, reviewing and organizing submitted abstracts, and for planning a comprehensive program of oral presentations and posters for the annual meeting. The Program Committee reviews proposals for symposia and also oversees production of the Abstract Volume as a Supplement to the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology.

Jonathan Bloch
- Co-Chair
Univ of Florida
Florida Museum of Natural History

Anjali Goswami
- Co-Chair
Univ College London
United Kingdom



Brian  Beatty, New York College of Osteopathic Medicine
Chris Brochu, University of Iowa
Richard Butler, University of Birmingham
Ted  Daeschler, Academy of Natural Sciences
David  Evans, Royal Ontario Museum, Canada
David  Fox, Univ of Minnesota
Patricia Holroyd, University of California - Berkeley
Christian Kammerer, Museum Für Naturkunde, Germany
Matthew  Lamanna, Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Josh Miller, University of Cincinnati
William  Sanders, Univ of Michigan
Bruce Shockey, American Museum of Natural History
Mary Silcox, Univ of Toronto Scarborough, Canada
Michelle Stocker, Virginia Polytechnic Institute
Rebecca  Terry, Oregon State University
Paul  Upchurch, Univ College London, United Kingdom
Aaron Wood, Florida Museum of Natural History
Marc Jones, The University of Adelaide

Lauren Sallan, University of Michigan
Kevin Padian,University of California, Berkeley
Heather Ahrens, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Abstract Editors:
Erin Maxwell, University of Alberta
Jessica Miller-Camp, The University of Iowa