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Award Committee

The SVP Award Committee is responsible for the review of applications annually for the various SVP awards. Each Panel Chair leads a panel for the review and selection of the award annually to be presented at the SVP Annual Meeting. Click on each individual Panel Chair to email them or click on the award name to see a detailed panel listing.

Richard Blob, Clemson University - Chair

David Fox, Univ of Minnesota, Romer Panel Chair
Marc Jones, University of Adelaide, AU, Colbert Panel Chair

Richard Blob, Clemson University, Dawson Panel Chair

Johannes Mueller, Museum Fuer Naturkunde, Estes Panel Chair
Margaret Lewis, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, Jackson Travel, Honorary & Institutional Membership Panel Chair
Matthew Carrano, Smithsonian Institution, Patterson Panel Chair
Kevin Seymour, Royal Ontario Museum, Wood Panel Chair

Zerina Johanson, Natural History Museum of London, United Kingdom, Taylor & Francis Best Article Panel Chair

Alison Murray, Univ of Alberta, Department of Biological Sciences, Gregory Panel Chair
Daniel Goujet, Museum National D'Histoire Naturelle, France, Skinner Panel Chair
Gary Staab, Lanzendorf Panel Chair
Kyle Davies, Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, Hix Preparator's Panel Chair
Nancy Stevens, Ohio University, SEDN Panel Chair
Anusuya Chinsamy-Turan, Univ of Cape Town, South Africa, Romer-Simpson Panel Chair