Virtual aquarium in progress and help is needed

October 11, 2012

Virtual aquarium in progress and help is needed.


Two Germany based companies, Hypnocode and Visual Artefacts are planing to build a virtual Aquarium where people can watch and interact in real time with extinct marine reptiles and other creatures from the jurassic period.

For this project we need your help.

We are hoping to work closely with members of the svp in order to avoid any mistakes to achieve the most scientific accuracy in bringing those creatures alive. Of course we are offering benefits from the spin of this project for the svp to use (like the software) or possibility of bringing this exhibit to the USA.


The exhibit will be a large cylindrical room with rear projectors showing the marine reptiles. Everything is calculated in realtime, so the simulated animals can show random behavior. It is even possible to track cell phones if bluetooth is activated so there are possibilities of interacting with the simulated creatures.


If you are interested in this project please contact