Two great events during SVP 2013 in LA at NHM!

September 18, 2013

Society of Vertebrate Paleontology -- Special Presentation by Dr. Tim D. White: Tuesday, Oct. 29, 7 pm
Paleontologists from all over the world are gathering in Los Angeles this week for SVP’s 73rd conference, and NHM is hosting an open-to-the-public discussion from Dr. Tim White. The Afar rift in Ethiopia has acted as a sediment trap for millions of years of Earth history. Embedded in those sediments is an unparalleled record of faunal, floral, and technological change through time. The Middle Awash study area continues to yield fossils, artifacts, and contextual evidence that is revealing how humans evolved. The co-leader of that project, Dr. White, of UC Berkeley, will explain how that evidence is being assembled and what it means for our understanding of our place in nature. "Far Away and Long Ago: Six Million Years of Human Evolution in Ethiopia's Afar Rift" is appropriate for paleo laymen and women. Doors open at 6 pm; lecture at 7 pm; Q&A / books signing at 8 pm.

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Society of Vertebrate Paleontology -- History of Vertebrate Paleontology Symposium:
Thursday, Oct. 31; 6-9 pm

Every generation of scientists, and paleontologists are no exception, has a mythology of stories about the preceding generation or two, which become less well known, less factual and more fantastic as time passes.    The current generation becomes the older generation to a new one and the stories change, evolve and lose detail over time until they are mostly forgotten.  This symposium will attempt to bring to life some of the past events and figures in Vertebrate Paleontology, with a special emphasis upon paleontology and the Los Angeles County Museum.   

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