October 3, 2012
Vertebrate paleontology is one of the most popular scientific disciplines and the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology has the potential to be a global force in science education and outreach. As part of the effort to realize that potential, SVP is launching the Ambassador Program, a volunteer program that taps the enthusiasm and diversity of SVP membership to provides K-12 schools and other education programs access to qualified SVP ambassadors for public speaking engagements.
The purpose of the Ambassador Program is to provide and promote vertebrate evolution education well beyond the reach of its annual meeting and access to paleontologists for communities local to SVP members.
Ambassadors should be willing to visit schools and community programs to speak on topics in vertebrate paleontology and evolution. Ambassadors will be able to indicate their topics of choice and age ranges they are comfortable speaking with on the SVP Ambassador website.
School and community groups will be able to contact Ambassadors and arrange for presentations through the website.
Ambassadors should additionally consider using the Program as a platform for developing public education components of grant proposals and/or as a corollary to preexisting university or museum outreach.
To apply for an ambassadorship, Click Here!