Statement from the Executive Committee regarding allegations against Spencer Lucas

April 1, 2008
Allegations against Dr. Spencer Lucas and three coauthors (Dr. Adrian Hunt, Mr. Justin Spielmann and Dr. Andrew Heckert) have been aired in a recent commentary in Nature as well as via a number of Web sites and e-mail exchanges. We take such matters seriously and we have a process for evaluating such allegations through the SVP Ethics Education Committee. This committee is following its stated process, which is intended to be fair to both the accusers and the accused. This committee does not release information, nor does it engage in public dialogue about any case under review. It is important to safeguard an impartial process based on facts gathered from all parties concerned. At the completion of its process, the Ethics Education Committee will make a recommendation to the Executive Committee, and the Executive Committee will then make a public statement on the SVP Web site.
The vrtpaleo listserver has been the locus of many e-mail exchanges on this topic. We wish to make clear that this listserver is independent of SVP, which does not moderate, promote, restrict, or in any way regulate the exchanges on this listserver.
SVP Executive Committee