Petition re: Proposed Closing of the Dept. of Geo. Sciences at Michigan State University

November 12, 2009

To all:

The Department of Geological Sciences at Michigan State University is home to a nationally and internationally prominent, vibrant group of students, faculty and staff. As a response to current budget distress, the Board of Trustees and Provost Kim A. Wilcox are considering a proposal to close the Department, along with all of the graduate and undergraduate programs offered by the Department. The immediate effect will be the loss of three tenure-track untenured faculty positions and one technical and three office staff support positions. Longer term effects of such a closure would include the loss of formal geosciences as a fundamental part of undergraduate and graduate training, and would impair Michigan State University's service to students, the local community and the global scientific community.

To offer your support to geosciences at MSU and oppose closing the department, please add your signature to the petition located at:

Please also consider passing the petition along to others who would offer their support.

Read the letter sent by SVP to the MSU representatives listed below.

Dr. Kim A. Wilcox, Provost, Michigan State University
Dr. R. James Kirkpatrick, Dean, College of Natural Sciences, Michigan State University