Call for Expression of Interest: Dinosaur Tourism Development in Mongolia

November 5, 2012

Since the expeditions of Roy Chapman Andrews found dinosaur eggs in Gobi some ninety year ago, the Gobi Desert of Mongolia has been known as one of the world’s greatest sources of dinosaur fossils. Every year international expeditions come to Mongolia to search for dinosaurs among the Gobi’s spectacular sandstone buttes and wind-blown dunes.

Thanks to a near century-old research and collection by international and Mongolian paleontologists, Mongolia now has a magnificent herd of various giant dinosaurs that are waiting to be displayed in museums for the enjoyment of the public.

The Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism of Mongolia is calling for expressions of interest in working with us to develop a world class Giants’ House - a paleontology museum near Ulaanbaatar, and quality dinosaur parks the Gobi in a fossil region of cretaceous dinosaurs to display our best fossils.

The preferred locations for the first dinosaur parks in Mongolia are Dundgobi and Umnugobi (South Gobi) and Bayankhongor provinces.

Famous with its majestic steppe and spectacular landscape, Dundgobi was the “autumn place” for the Mongolian great khaans, where the horses and livestock found the most sunshine and grasslands before harsh winter set in. Also, Dundgobi is internationally recognized for its finds of HarpymimusAltirhinus, Psittacosaurus and Ankylosauria. The most famous species found in South Gobi and Bayankhongor provinces are Tarbosaurus Bataar, a meat-eating giant otherwise named as Tyrannosaurus Bataar.

Increasingly a destination for developers and miners, Mongolian Gobi Desert needs attention of conservationists and a tourism community to preserve its natural heritage. The Ministry is pleased to have initial offers from Mongolian private sector representatives on collaboration in dinosaur tourism.

Those how are interested in participating in concept planning, drafting and contributing your technical and scientific expertise in these projects, please contact me directly at and, and Ms. Margad Banzragch, Chief of Tourism Department of the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism at