35th International Geological Congress in South Africa

September 15, 2014
The 35th International Geological Congress is scheduled to be hosted at the Cape Town International Convention Centre in South Africa from 27 August to 4 September 2016. This prestigious Congress is held every four years in another location under the flag of the International Union of Geological Sciences. As can be deducted from the official Congress website: http://www.35igc.org/, it is a truly international congress, covering all aspects of the Geosciences and it will be only the third time this Congress was held on the Africa Continent. Very interesting field trips covering a large part of Africa is planned. The call for Symposia is currently open and an online proposal submission form is available on the website. The first circular can be downloaded from: http://www.35igc.org/Content/Downloads/35th_IGC_AnnouncementDoc_LR.pdf