Paleo Society Outreach and Education Grants

January 7, 2017

Are you interested in outreach and education in paleontology?

The Paleontological Society offers outreach and education grants to support activities involving educational outreach and community engagement in paleontology.  Must be a member of the Paleontological Society to be eligible.

Potentially fundable projects include (but are not limited to):
  • opportunities for undergraduates to become involved in paleontological outreach
  • development of  new educational “apps” or technologies
  • production of educational materials that could be distributed more widely
  • field trips to fossil sites and/or museums for teachers and pre-college students
  • educator training and curriculum development
  • participation in local community initiatives
  • development of educational materials for classroom use
  • website or other online material development

Amount of grant
Up to $2,500 per grant

Friday March 24, 2017

To learn more, please see:

Please email Rowan Lockwood (