Workshop on Integration and Modularity with Geometric Morphometrics, April 7-10, 2015. Barcelona

November 14, 2014
Registration is open for the course "Integration and Modularity with Geometric Morphometrics - 4th edition"; April 7-10, 2015. INSTRUCTOR: Prof. Chris Klingenberg (University of Manchester, UK). SVP members have a 20 % discount!

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  1. Brief review of geometric morphometrics: Procrustes fit, shape space, covariance matrices, etc.
  2. PCA for characterizing patterns of integration.
  3. Partial least squares and integration.
  4. Practice: patterns of integration.
  5. Indices of integration.
  6. Modularity: concepts and analysis.
  7. Modularity hypotheses: where do they come from?
  8. Practice: Indices, allometry and comparisons.
  9. Comparing patterns of integration.
  10. Developmental integration and modularity.
  11. Evolutionary integration and modularity.
  12. Practice: integration & modularity.
  13. Allometry as a factor of integration.
  14. Multilevel analyses of integration and modularity.
  15. Presentations of group work.

The aim of the workshop is to provide participants with an overview of morphometric approaches to studying morphological integration and modularity. The concepts of integration and modularity will be introduced and discussed in different contexts (e.g. development, individual variation, evolutionary change). The theoretical basis and application of different methods for analyzing integration and modularity in geometric morphometric data will be presented. Lectures will be combined with hands-on demonstrations of the analyses. Participants are encouraged to bring their own morphometric data for analysis and discussion in the workshop. This course will be held in the Sabadell facilities of the Institut Català de Paleontologia (Barcelona, Spain) and is co-organized by Transmitting Science and the Institut Catalá de Paleontologia M. Crusafont. Place are limited and will be covered by strict registration order.