Cordilleran GSA Meeting Irvingtonian Paleontology Session and Field Trip

January 17, 2013
We call your attention to a paleontology theme session entitled “Irvingtonian Paleoecology of Western North America” and a related field trip at the GSA-Cordilleran Section meeting May 20-22 in Fresno, CA.

Description: This theme session will provide an opportunity for numerous Pleistocene researchers to present new data and synthesize earlier data concerning terrestrial paleontology, palynology, and paleoclimatology of the Irvingtonian North American Land Mammal Age (ca. 1.9–0.24 Ma). We encourage interested participants to contact the session conveners; Robert G. Dundas, California State University–Fresno, and Eric Scott, San Bernardino County Museum, Abstracts are due February 19, 2013. A related pre-meeting half day field trip (1-6 pm, Sunday May 19) will visit the mid-Irvingtonian Fairmead Landfill fossil site, Madera County Paleontology Collection and Fossil Discovery Center of Madera County, in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the fossil site’s discovery. The mid-Irvingtonian aged (0.78–.55 Ma) Fairmead Landfill site has yielded thousands of specimens representing 71 taxa (2 fish, 2 amphibians, 3 reptiles, 5 birds, 29 mammals, 1 bivalve, 1 gastropod, 12 plants, and 16 diatoms).