Doing Paleontology – New Year’s Resolutions

It may seem a little strange to think about resolutions for the new year right now, at the end of August. But for many paleontologists (and many scientists of field-based focus) the end of the summer and the beginning of the academic year is exactly when we think about planning the next year.

The field season is over and we’re back in the lab for the next 10 months or so. For me, in the six weeks of field work I did in late June through early August, I came home with five or six small- to medium-sized projects that I need to complete by the end of winter and prior to planning the next field season next summer.

A few specimens representing two or three of the projects resulting from the summer 2016 field season.

I need to plan my laboratory efforts around professional meetings, teaching, and completing the other expected tasks of an academician. I need to arrange all these tasks so that I can also write the required papers and funding proposals along the way. And I have to reflect on the successes and failures of the last year in order to make sure this next year is more fruitful than the previous one.

In other words, I need to make a bunch of resolutions and hope like crazy that I can stick to them.

Meanwhile, I start teaching again in two days. I have a lot of work to do.
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