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Publications Newsletters

Introducing the new SVP Newsletter!

What's going on in the vertebrate paleontology community? It can be tough to keep up between SVP meetings, so the Communications Committee is now sending out an email newsletter to SVP members. What's in it? That's up to you! Send us your submissions in the following categories, and we'll incorporate them into the newsletter.

Send your submissions for the newsletter, with a quick note about yourself and why you chose the content you're sending, to:

We're looking for:

  • New hires in paleo (institutional news)
  • Books & special edition journal volumes published by SVP members in the last few months
  • Upcoming field expeditions
  • Paleo Exhibit openings
  • Popular talks of interest or web links to tour schedules (e.g. Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Richard Dawkins, etc)
  • Other events (e.g. Darwin Days, PaleoFest)
  • Upcoming TV shows of interest (e.g. Your Inner Fish, other shows with appearances by paleo folks)
  • Stories about the history of vertebrate paleontology
  • Photos from the field or paleoart that you'd like to share (just make sure you own the rights and you're OK with us using it on the website if we decide to)

Lastly, the newsletter will also feature announcements that are submitted through the "Post A Job" page, including:

  • Post-doc and grad student wanted ads
  • Field crew wanted ads
  • Job announcements

Ready to send us something? Email your submission, with a quick note about yourself and why you chose the content you're sending, to:

We're looking forward to seeing your news!



SVP Newsletter is distributed via e-mail to all SVP members.  The past Newsletter is availbale here in PDF format.

Spring 2016 June 2016              


SVP News Bulletin

The SVP News Bulletin was retired at the end of 2010, but past issues for the years 1993-2010 are available by clicking on one of the links below.

Number 199
(Fall 2010)

Number 186
(Spring 2004)

Number 173
(June 1998)

Number 198
(Spring 2010)

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(Fall 2003)

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(February 1998)

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(Fall 2009)

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(Spring 2003)

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(October 1997)

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(Spring 2009)

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(Fall 2002)

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(June 1997)

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(Fall 2008)

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(Spring 2002)

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(February 1997)

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(Spring 2008)

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(Fall 2001)

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(October 1996)

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(Fall 2007)

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(Spring 2001)

Number 167
(June 1996)

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(Spring 2007)

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(Fall 2000)

Number 166
(February 1996)

Number 191
(Fall 2006)

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(Spring 2000)

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(October 1995)

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(Spring 2006)

Number 177
(October 1999)

Number 164
(June 1995)

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(Fall 2005)

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(June 1999)

Number 163
(February 1995)

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(Spring 2005)

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(February 1999)

Number 160
(February 1994)

Number 187
(Fall 2004)

Number 174
(October 1998)

Number 157
(February 1993)