Publications Copyright permissions policy Please click here for the copyright permission form for image permissions. You may view a PDF of  the society's copyright policy here.

Society of Vertebrate Paleontology

Copyright Permission Requests Policy


The Journal does not charge for:

  1. Authors to replicate their own work, regardless of where they are publishing.
  2. Authors to republish copyrighted material in publications owned by not-for-profit organizations.
  3. Students wanting to republish their work for educational purposes.
  4. Republication of the abstract only.
  5. Up to five copies for personal use.

The Journal charges copyright permission fees for:

  1. Republication of copyrighted material in which they are not the author, in publications owned by for-profit companies.
  2. Photocopying of more than five copies.
  3. Anyone interested in obtaining the above permissions, can do so through the Copyright Clearance Center.

The Journal does not allow anyone to:

  1. Republish an entire article (except in theses, dissertations, etc.).
  2. Post an electronic article to a Web site other than the Journal's.

Authors wanting permissions for work from Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology or other Society published work should email the Business Office Publications Department for instructions on how to obtain the permission they seek.