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Preparator's Resources

Materials & Methods: A resource for Preparators of Vertebrates Fossil

The Materials and Methods Web page is a resource for those concerned with the collection, preparation and conservation of vertebrate fossils and the care and management of collections. Click on the topic of interest below and extended content will appear. 

Consider visiting the SPNHC website to see what The Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections is doing.

Defining the Professional Vertebrate Fossil Preparator: Essential Competencies (PDF document)


PREPLIST: E-mail discussion list focusing on field and laboratory techniques in vertebrate paleontology.

Preparator's Session: The Preparator's Session at the annual meeting allows preparators to present cutting-edge techniques, case studies, and basic-technique reviews. Past session's abstracts and presentations are available.

Materials & Methods FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions is answered by the fossil prep experts. It is complied and edited by Preparators Committee.

Technical Papers: Peer reviewed online publications of technical papers concerning fossil preparations and field techniques.

Hix's Preparator's Grant: A generous award initially funded by Dr. Joseph F. Chance supporting research and training projects in preparation techniques and technology. Reports from the past recipients are available

Preparators' PDFs: View and download technical papers, past symposia and Preparators' session presentaions and Prep related posters, how-to guides, FAQs, etc.