2013 Mary R. Dawson Grant

Danielle Fraser

I am currently a PhD candidate at Carleton University and the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa, Ontario. I study historical mammalian climate change response in order to inform models that attempt to predict the outcomes of modern climate change. I completed my Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees at the University of Calgary where I focused on hoofed mammal ecomorphology and the evolution of C4 grasslands in North America. During my MSc, I completed several projects including a paper on a new method for improving the repeatability of low magnification microwear methods. Since starting my doctoral degree at Carleton University, I have started several new projects that include the study of mammal macroevolution, ecomorphology, and morphological evolution. I have also undertaken a Fulbright fellowship during the 2012/2013 academic year at the University of Wyoming where I worked on oxygen isotopes from the hard tissues of pronghorn.