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Edwin H. and Margaret M. Colbert Student Poster Prize

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Selected and presented onsite at the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology's Annual Meeting, the Edwin H. and Margaret M. Colbert Prize recognizes an outstanding student poster presentation. The prize was named in honor of the Colberts' contributions to Vertebrate Paleontology. Learn more about the Colberts.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Current membership in SVP is required.
  • The competition is open to all students who wish to present aspects of their graduate, or in exceptional cases, undergraduate paleontological research.
  • One submission per year is accepted.
  • Previous Colbert Prize winners may not enter the competition again. Previous entrants and finalists are strongly encouraged to enter again if eligible.
  • The research presented should be new and unpublished.
  • The abstract and poster must be single or first authored.
  • The poster itself must also:
1) include the Poster Prize Icon, such that its printed size is 3 inches (7.5 cm) in diameter. Download the prize icon here JPEG format or PSD format.
2) if multi-authored, contain a section explaining author contributions.
3) the title (matching that of the accepted abstract) and should be situated high up on the poster so that it can be read 15-20 feet away.
4) include a title banner and an affiliation with the academic institution where the research was or is being done.
5) be in English.
6) not exceed the dimensions given in the meeting guidelines (see detail provided in poster acceptance letters)
7) be set up by 9:30am on the day of the competition.

Prize Includes

  • A cash award of several hundred dollars (USD).
  • A prize ribbon and certificate

How to Apply

Please use the Online Abstract Submission System to apply. Any materials sent by email, fax or mail will NOT be reviewed.

  • Check the box on the online abstract submission form to indicate your desire to enter your poster in the competition for the Colbert Prize.

Be aware

  • Posters in the competition will bear a specific marking in the abstract book to designate them as being part of the competition.
  • Be alert for instructions concerning set-up times for posters. Venue permitting the posters may be set-up on day one and displayed for the full four days of the conference (but please wait for confirmation of this).
  • A few days before the conference, it is appreciated if an A4 pdf of the poster is sent to the Colbert Panel Chair. This may be used byt the Colbert Prize Panel when discussing the posters in private and for the powerpoint presetnation at the Awards Banquet when the winner is annouced.
  • Preliminary judging of posters will occur after poster set-up time  (without the presenters present) but prior to the regular poster session. Layout and content will count equally in the judging of posters. The panel will select between three and six finalists.
  • All students are expected to be present at their poster during the afternoon poster session on the day of the competititon (usually day two of the conference).
  • The Colbert Prize Panel will visit finalist's posters during the afternoon poster session to evaluate the presenter's knowledge of the material covered in the poster.
  • The winner will be contacted before the Awards Banquet and may be asked to set-up their poster again prior to the Awards Banquet.

For more information about criteria for judging posters click here.

2014 award submission is now CLOSED.

You may now view the approved 2014 award amounts HERE.


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School of Earth and Environmental Science
University of Adelaide
Adelaide, South Australia
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