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Skinner Award 

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The Morris F. Skinner Award honors outstanding and sustained contributions to scientific knowledge through the making of important collections of fossil vertebrates — it shall also be made to those persons who encourage, train or teach others toward the same pursuits. Learn more about Morris Skinner

Eligibilty Requirements

  • Nominees do NOT need to be members of SVP.


How to Apply

Submit nominations via the online award submission system.  Required information to be submitted includes:
  • One (1) letter of nomination
  • Letters of Support from at least two (2) but no more than four (4) colleagues should be submitted through the online application system.

2015 award submission is now OPEN. Click HERE to apply.

If you are not an SVP member, click the link and follow the "New Customer" prompt. Application deadline is April 22, 2015.


Daniel Goujet
Museum National D'Histoire Naturelle
Histoire de la Tene Paleobiodiversite
Email: goujet@mnhn.fr

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