Annual Meeting 2018 Symposium

Podium symposium (invited participants only)

The Tetrapod Limb: A Model System for the Anatomy of Evolutionary Radiation
Co-conveners:Karen Sears and Jon Marcot 
From the wings of birds to the flippers of plesiosaurs to the hooves of horses, limb diversification has been crucial to the ecological and evolutionary success of tetrapods. Through the morphological diversification of their limbs, vertebrates have infiltrated almost every habitat in the world, and evolved a wide-range of feeding and social behaviors. The diversity of tetrapod limb morphology, its strong functional association with ecology, and robust fossil record provide an ideal model system for studying the intrinsic and extrinsic factors that shape vertebrate evolutionary radiation.
This symposium will bring together scientists whose research interests span the breadth of vertebrate paleontology, but that are united by their use of tetrapod limbs as a model system. The invited speakers have expertise in using tetrapod limbs as the framework for research on four foundational themes of vertebrate paleontology: the quantification of limb biomechanics, the elucidation of developmental processes guiding limb evolution, the relationship between limb evolution and environmental change, and the characterization of major evolutionary transformations in which limb evolution played a key role. This symposium will also feature researchers who specialize on a diversity of taxonomic groups, including amphibians, mammals, marine reptiles, birds, dinosaurs, and snakes.
The goals of this symposium are two-fold. First, the symposium aims to highlight the advantages of using limb evolution as a model system to investigate topics ranging from the molecular to the macroevolutionary. Second, by bringing together a diverse suite of scientists with wide ranging skillsets but shared topical interests, this symposium aims to advance the field of limb evolution research and promote interdisciplinary research efforts that bridge organisms and biological levels.





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