The cornerstone of the SVP meeting, oral and poster presentations will be given throughout the week in the following categories:

Podium Symposium Session
Poster Symposium Session

Regular Sessions
Education & Outreach Committee Poster Session
Edwin H. and Margaret M. Colbert Prize Poster Session
Romer Prize Session
Preparators' Session


Podium Symposium Session

The SVP Program Committee chooses a selection of submitted proposals for topical symposia to be presented at the meeting.

Proposals should include: a concise description of the symposium topic including its significance and specific relevance to the particular meeting time and location (if appropriate), and a list of speakers and preliminary titles. Symposia are two and a half hours or four hours in duration and must include either 10 or 16 presentation slots respectively (all presentations must be limited to 12 minutes each allowing 3 minutes for questions and discussions). This presentation time format will also apply to all other oral presentations (technical and Romer). Five or six poster presentations are also welcome. Proposals should not exceed two pages in length.

As for the technical sessions, all abstracts submitted for the symposia are rigorously reviewed by the Program Committee and subject to rejection. To avoid empty slots in the program, the symposium organizers will be encouraged to pre-review abstracts prior to submission.

Poster Symposium Session

The SVP Program Committee has decided to try an exciting new poster symposium initiative.  The idea is to have a set of 10-20 topically related posters shown together.  Poster Symposia provide the potential for unifying work that woud not normally be exhibited together (e.g., posters on the same time period or from the same locality/geological unit but about different taxonoic groups; project that use related analytical methods but on different types of animals, etc.). Based on the Committee's experiences at other conferences, Poster Symposia can provide an extremely valuable opportunity for synergy between related work, and positive interaction between the authors of related projects and the broader SVP audience.  The poster displayed as part of an SVP Poster Symposium will be left up for the entire meeting, allowing for an extended period of discussion and debate.


Regular Sessions

Abstracts are accepted for oral and poster presentations in the following categories:

  • Amphibians
  • Amniotes
  • Birds
  • Fishes
  • Mammals
  • Reptiles
  • Synapsids
  • Tetrapods
  • Vertebrates

Education & Outreach Committee Poster Session

Here is an opportunity for SVP members to learn from each other’s educational outreach successes during a poster session held in conjunction with the Educators’ Workshop.  E&O posters will be displayed throughout the Annual SVP Meeting in the registration area.


Participants will primarily consist of current SVP members engaged in both educational outreach and scientific scholarship.  However, we also welcome and anticipate the participation of both current and new members who are primarily involved in educational endeavors including museum educators, teachers and exhibit developers.


Topics discussed will span exhibit development, informal and formal broader impact activities and novel techniques used to bring “hot off the press” science to the public.  With similar goals of communicating the broader impacts of our research to the broader public, this poster session will facilitate the development of innovative educational outreach ideas and help prevent us from perpetually reinventing the wheel when it comes to educational outreach activities.

Education & Outreach Committee Poster Session Co-Chairs:

Jason Head

University of Nebraska – Lincoln


Stuart Sumida

California State University San Bernardino  

Edwin H. and Margaret M. Colbert Prize Poster Session

Selected and presented on site at the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology's Annual Meeting, the Edwin H. and Margaret M. Colbert Prize recognizes an outstanding poster presentation by an SVP student member. The award was named in honor of the Colberts' contributions to vertebrate paleontology. Colbert Prize posters are on display for the entire meeting, offering a great opportunity for new work to be seen.

Dr. Marc E. H. Jones

University of Adelaide

The Alfred Sherwood Romer Session (and Prize)

Selection for participation in the Romer Prize Session at the SVP Annual Meeting is based on the scientific value and quality of an abstract summarizing an original research project, and the Romer Prize is awarded on the basis of the scientific value and quality the oral presentation of that research during the Romer Prize Session at the SVP Annual Meeting.

David L. Fox

Univeresity of Minnesota

Preparators' Session

A forum for presentations on current issues in paleontological preparation, ranging from field and lab techniques to specimen curation and exhibition design.

Preparators' Session Co-Chairs:
Steve J. Jabo

Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History

William F. Simpson
The Field Museum

Preparators' Session Moderators:
Ronald S. Tykoski, Fossil Preparator, Perot Museum of Nature and Science
William F. Simpson, Co-Chair, Preparators Committee, SVP

Use of trade names necessary to accurately identify products, materials, or equipment is permitted. Trade names shall not be used for the purpose of advertising products or services.  Abstracts judged to be commercial promotions will be rejected.  

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