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Annual Meeting 2020 Abstract Volume To view the 2020 abstract volume, click here. Please note that this is the version of record and it is no longer possible to make any edits.  

Our virtual-only format necessitated changes to the structure of the SVP Program this year, but this has offered us opportunities to program content in novel ways. For example, the lack of a fixed talk and poster schedule allows you to engage with presentations in personally customized ways at the times most convenient to you, without the need to choose between competing presentations at fixed times. To exploit these changes and to offer members a different experience, we made an early decision to rely less on traditional taxon-based sessions and to explore other ways to bring members of the SVP community together. In addition to taxonomic sessions for some popular groups (e.g., dinosaurs, mammals), we also unified presentations by theme, which either reflect work in a particular sub-discipline (e.g., biomechanics) or a broader research topic (e.g., the application of novel quantitative methods to evolutionary questions). As a result, many sessions represent a mix of taxa and timescales: we hope you like this new approach. These live networking sessions map to the main session themes in the Program, but a few themed sessions share the same live session. We have allocated time based on the number of presentations allotted to each theme. In doing this, we have also tried to ensure that the members of the many small sub-communities that make up SVP each get a dedicated time in which to interact in real time with each other and to pose questions to the presenters. Other elements of the Program will be familiar, with sessions dedicated to Symposium, Romer Prize, Preparators', and Education & Outreach presentations. Colbert Prize presentations have been allocated to the most relevant themed sessions and their status as a prize nominee is noted in the Program & Abstracts volume. 
SVP Session Themes
Anatomical & Developmental Explorations of the Mammalian Skull  
Biomechanics & Functional Morphology
Bird Biology & Evolution
Cenozoic Herpetology
Dinosaur Systematics, Diversity & Ecology
Education & Outreach
Evolution & Biology of Non-Avian Theropods
Fishes & Chondrichthyans: Evolution & Distribution
Holocene & Pleistocene Mammalian Macroecology and Faunal Studies
Late Cenozoic Mammalian Macroecology & Macroevolution  
Macroecology & Macroevolution
Mammalian Skeletal Morphology  
Marine Mammals
Marine Reptile Diversity & Biology
Mesozoic & Early Cenozoic Mammalian Evolution
Mesozoic Herpetology
Paleozoic Tetrapods & Lissamphibians
Permo-Triassic Tetrapods 
Quantitative Methods
Romer Prize
Symposium: Paleoneurology
Symposium: Dietary Reconstruction
Taphonomy & Stratigraphy
All session themes are allocated their own live networking session, except for the following themes which have been combined into the following networking sessions: Mammalian Skeletal Morphology and Marine Mammals; Mesozoic Herpetology and Cenozoic Herpetology; Education & Outreach and Collections.
Click here for the schedule, so that you may view when the live content is scheduled.