Annual Meeting 2018 Exhibitor Information

The SVP 77th Annual Meeting is an excellent forum to showcase your products and services to VP professionals from all over the world. Exhibiting, sponsoring or advertising at the SVP Annual Meeting brings your company international visibility and recognition. The SVP exhibit area will be near the poster sessions, bringing you lots of visibility and traffic. Reserve your space now to ensure the best Table Top Exhibit or advertisement placement and the highest return on your marketing dollar with the many sponsorship opportunities SVP is offering.  For more information, please contact Joni Friedman Exhibits Coordinator. 

All non-Canadian attendees, including family members, guests, and exhibitors, should carry a copy of the Canadian Border Services Agency letter that recognizes the 77th SVP Annual Meeting in order to facilitate crossing the border into Canada. Click here to download a copy of the letter. 

All sales of fossils are prohibited at the SVP Annual Meeting. Casts are acceptable.
Wednesday, August 23 through Saturday, August 26

Location: TELUS Convention Centre, Calgary, AB, Canada
Exhibitors will have a variety of scientific tools, literature and other items of interest to vertebrate paleontologists on display and for purchase.

Location: TELUS Convention Centre
The Preparators' Table is a dedicated space for persons interested in the advancement of vertebrate fossil preparation, conservation, and collections management.  The area is staffed by preparators and collections professionals daily throughout the meetings - especially during the afternoon poster sessions.  We strongly welcome society participation at the Preparator's Table.  Please consider bringing your prep related questions, a slide show of your current projects, a case study pamphlet, a copy of your training curricula, samples of archival materials, or other prep related resources for show and tell at the table - there is plenty of space for you to share a new method or technique!  Additional information about the SVP Preparator's Grant and other preparation related resources will be on display.  If you are interested in volunteering at the table or would like to offer a demonstration, please contact Vanessa Rhue or Jessica Barnett.  We hope to see you there!

Vanessa R. Rhue
National History Museum of Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Jessica Barnett
Fort Hays State University Hays, KS USA

Exhibiting at the SVP Annual Meeting brings your company international visibility and recognition. A majority of attendees are professional paleontologists – the decision makers who use your product in the field, the office and the classroom. Students are another important audience at the SVP Annual Meeting. They are the future decision-makers and employees. An exhibit at this meeting will benefit your organization today, while building on your future success.

All sales of fossils are prohibited at the SVP Annual Meeting. Casts are acceptable.

This year the exhibits will be held in Macleod Hall at the TELUS Convention Centre, Calgary, AB. SVP’s exhibit hall is designed to accommodate high traffic. Reserve your exhibit space now to ensure the best placement and the highest return on your marketing dollar. Deadline to be printed in on-site material is June 15, 201.

Tuesday, August 22 12:00 AM – 6:00 PM Exhibitor Set Up
Wednesday, August 23 9:30 AM  – 6:15 PM Exhibits Open
Thursday, August 24 9:30 AM – 6:15 PM Exhibits Open
Friday, August 25 9:30 AM – 6:15 PM Exhibits Open
Saturday, August 26 9:30 AM – 6:15 PM Exhibits Open
Saturday, August 26 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM Exhibits Dismantle

Each Table Top exhibit area is 8’d x 8’w draped booth which  includes 8’ high backwall drape, 3’ high sidewall drape, one 6’ draped table, two chairs, one wastebasket,one  7” x 44” company name sign,  one complimentary full registration with access to sessions and social functions and one complimentary Exhibits Only badge. Space is limited this year.  We will only allow one booth per company.  We do not sell end cap booths with three aisles.   Additional Exhibits Only badges are available for purchase on site for $50.00. Additional items for electric and shipping instructions will come under separate cover.
SVP Member $600 per table top space
SVP Nonmember $700 per table top space
SVP Exhibit Management will assign space on a first-come, first-served basis.
Each Table Top space is a  8’d x 8’w.  Each space must use the contained space area. Vendors will not be allowed to place material on the floor in front of their display or around the perimeter.  No exceptions will be allowed. Please plan accordingly.

Exhibit cancellations must be received in writing.  If space is canceled between the dates of the application until May 23, 2017, 50% of the total cost of space will be retained.  If space is canceled or reduced between May 24, 2017 to date of the show, the company will be responsible for paying the full cost of the exhibit space and no refund will be issued.
You will be listed on the Annual Meeting page with a listing of exhibitors who purchase a booth and we will include your company homepage address for a low fee of $200.  When filling out the application form just check the box to include an online link and we will send you an invoice for payment.  This listing will be online mid-May.

This is the premiere marketing opportunity at SVP!  Place your company's information prominently inside the conference packet.  This opportunity is for exhibitors only.   Inserts must be one page and must be an 8.5" x 11" or less (front/back may be used) flier.  Exhibitor is responsible for providing 1200 copies.  A sample of the company insert must be pre-approved by SVP no later than Tuesday, May 23, 2017.  You may also provide 1200 pens, pencils or notepads.   Further instructions to send the inserts will come at a later date. This form is under Sponsorship Opportunities.
Please see the annual meeting main site.
For more information, contact Joni Friedman Exhibits Coordinator at 301-634-7011.
SVP will contract a reputable security guard during the course of the annual meeting.  The duties of the guard are to protect the general exhibit against fire and other catastrophes.  Neither SVP, FASEB, the hotels, nor the owners or leasers of the exhibit venue will assume any responsibility for exhibitor's personal property.  It is strongly urged that exhibitors maintain awareness of any expensive, revenue-generating, irreplaceable (within the time frame of the exhibition), or proprietary product contained within their booth.
Sub-leasing of exhibit space is not permitted and two companies may not share the same leased space.   

The Society for Vertebrate Paleontology (SVP) reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to accept or deny applications for exhibit space and to allocate space among exhibitors. By applying for exhibit space, an exhibitor agrees to adhere to all conditions and regulations outlined below. Conformity with these Rules and Regulations for this Symposium will be monitored by Exhibit Management.
Each exhibitor is granted nothing more than a terminable license to exhibit, subject to all the rules herein. If it is decided that an exhibitor has failed to comply with any rule, the license may be terminated and the exhibit closed without notice. In all interpretations of the Rules and Regulations, Exhibit Management's decision is final.
An End Cap Booth is a booth that has open sides on three aisles.  SVP does not permit End Cap booths.   
The following practices are prohibited:
1. All booths are sold as linear space unless an island is purchased.
2. Noisy electrical or other mechanical apparatus interfering with other exhibitors.
3. Canvassing or distributing any material outside the exhibitor's own space.
4. Sub-leasing of exhibit space.
5. The use of billboard advertisements and/or the display of signs outside the exhibit area.
6. Publicizing and/or maintaining any extracurricular activities, inducements, demonstrations or displays away from the exhibit area during the exhibit hours.
7. Photographing, videotaping, or examining another exhibitor's equipment without permission.
8. Balloons of any kind.
9. Entry into another exhibitor's booth without permission.
10. Door drops in hotels.
11. Dismantling exhibits and leaving before official exhibit close at 6:15 PM, Saturday, August 26, 2017.
Exhibitors are requested to staff their exhibits with personnel attired in a manner consistent with the decorum of the meeting and knowledgeable in the products and policies of the company. Relevant portions of the foregoing prohibited practices are applicable to non-exhibitors at all times. Non-exhibitors may not solicit business from scientific registrants or companies exhibiting. The use of open audio systems is discouraged. Requests to use an open audio system must be approved by the Exhibit Manager and the exhibitor must agree to discontinue its use if the sound level is deemed to be objectionable to the registrants or adjacent exhibitors.
*Article 12. Code of Ethics.
Several goals for the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology follow from its mission statement (Constitution Article 1): to discover, conserve, and protect vertebrate fossils and to foster the scientific, educational and personal appreciation and understanding of them by amateur, student and professional paleontologists, as well as the general public.  Fossil vertebrates are usually unique or rare, nonrenewable scientific and educational resources that, along with their accompanying contextual data, constitute part of our natural heritage.  They provide data by which the history of vertebrate life on earth may be reconstructed and are one of the primary means of studying evolutionary patterns and processes as well as environment change.  
  • It is the responsibility of vertebrate paleontologists to strive to ensure that vertebrate fossils are collected in a professional manner, which includes the detailed recording of pertinent contextual data (e.g. geographic, stratigraphic, sedimentologic, taphonomic). 
  • It is the responsibility of vertebrate paleontologists to assist government agencies in the development of management policies and regulations pertinent to the collection of vertebrate fossils, and to comply with those policies and regulations during and after collection.  Necessary permits on all lands administered by federal, state and local governments, whether domestic or foreign, must be obtained from the appropriate agency (ies) before fossil vertebrate are collected.  Collecting fossils on private lands must only be done with the landowner's consent. 
  • Fossil vertebrate specimens should be prepared by, or under the supervision of trained personnel.
  • Scientifically significant fossil vertebrate specimens, along with ancillary data, should be curated and accessioned in the collections of repositories charged in perpetuity with conserving fossil vertebrates for scientific study and education (e.g. accredited museums, universities, colleges, and other education institutions).
  • Information about vertebrate fossils and their accompanying data should be disseminated expeditiously to both the scientific community and interested general public.

All sales of fossils are prohibited at the SVP Annual Meeting.  Casts are acceptable.
Your space will be provided with an 8’ high backwall drape, 3’ high sidewall drape, one 6’ draped table, two chairs, one wastebasket,1one 7” x 44” company name sign, provided by the TELUS Convention Centre.  If you need additional furniture please order in the decorators service kit which will be available by May 18, 2017.

Service kit available by mid-May, 2017

Please see service kit quick facts.