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Abstracts in the following categories must be submitted through the online submission site: Please note: Any abstract that is not selected for the Romer Prize session will be moved to regular submission status.  If designated as a poster, it may be considered for the Colbert Prize. 
All presenting authors who are Student Members of SVP will automatically be considered for the Colbert Prize if selected for poster presentation.  Colbert Prize finalists will be notified by the Program Committee when abstract programming notifications are sent to all authors.

Abstracts for SEDN – Program for Scientists from Economically Developing Nations cannot be submitted online. Please visit the Awards page for submission details.
Submission deadline 
Online submission
Adherence to guidelines
All authors are required to abide by the Abstract Submission Guidelines set forth by the SVP Program Committee.  Not following these guidelines could disqualify your abstract submission from consideration.
By submitting your abstract, you are agreeing to abide by SVP Ethics Guidelines. In particular, your submission must be consistent with the SVP policy that research specimens referred to in your presentation are, or are destined to be, deposited in an appropriate repository, charged in perpetuity with conserving fossil vertebrates, as defined in the SVP Members Ethics statement.

By submitting your abstract, you are agreeing to abide by the SVP Copyright Permission Requests Policy as outlined here.

Please note: It is not appropriate to photograph posters or talk slides without explicit permission from the author(s).  Additional permission is needed to post such photos in any forum.

The Society of Vertebrate Paleontology expects meeting attendees to behave in a courteous, collegial, and respectful fashion, following the SVP Code of Conduct.
Author submission policy
Session type
You have the option to select one of the session types listed below. Please note that once the session type is entered, it cannot be changed. To change the session type, the abstract will have to be withdrawn and a new abstract must be submitted.
Topic category
In addition to selecting a general taxonomic group, there are three more categories to describe your abstract: a more specific taxonomic category, a topic category, and a temporal category.  Some of the options are hierarchical, so please choose the most specific descriptors for your abstract.  These options are primarily for use in the scheduling of presentations, so please consider this while making your choices.

Click here to view abstract topic categories.
Abstract size
Funding sources
If required, acknowledgement of funding sources should be included in the box designated for Grant Information on the abstract submission page.  A maximum of 150 characters is permitted for the inclusion of grant information which will be added to the final version of the abstract.
Trade names in preparation and conservation abstracts
Use of trade names necessary to accurately identify products, materials, or equipment is permitted.  Trade names shall not be used for the purpose of advertising products or services.  Abstracts judged to be commercial promotions will be rejected.

Automatic rejection of an abstract
If an abstract contains a citation, reference, figure, caption, or ad hominem statement it will automatically be rejected.  To view a sample abstract with many characteristics that would result in automatic rejection, please go to  Please review this carefully to avoid any of these mistakes.

Following submission of abstract

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